Pennsylvania FCCLA State Leadership Conference
Registration Information
Conference and STAR Events Registration
March 18 – 20, 2024 ~ Wyndham Lancaster Conference Center

Registration Information

Adviser Tips for Registering

1. If you have several chapters, only list yourself once as an adviser. With the other chapter(s), list yourself as a non-attending adviser so you won’t get a conference fee charged again but you will receive a different adviser registration number for the different chapter. A second adviser is listed under adviser with the first adviser’s registration number so that all will appear on the same cost summary.

2. Other adults who are attending the entire conference should be registered under adults.

3. STAR Events participants are required to register for and attend the full conference. It is a good idea to print each member's registration so that you have a record of the STAR Event submission.

4. Adults who are attending only one day of the conference to evaluate STAR Events need not be registered. Their names are submitted on the Evaluator Response Form.

5. Reminder: One chaperone must accompany each 8 students during State Leadership Conference, adding 1 additional chaperone for numbers within increments of 8.

6. Chapters are also required to provide one adult evaluator, lead consultant, and/or room consultant for every 6 STAR Events participants, adding 1 additional volunteer for numbers within increments of 6. If you volunteer members to work at STAR Events, please be aware that they might not get an assignment.

7. When typing in the chapter name, register as the same name that is on your national affiliation. Do not use letter abbreviations like CCTC; always include a distinctive word, i.e. Cambria CTC. Do not use your chapter type as your chapter name, i.e. Culinary AM; always include a distinctive word like Blair Culinary AM.

Online Registration Process

IMPORTANT: An adviser must register (even if not attending) in order for Chapter information to be submitted. Select the adviser entry type and fill in appropriate fields. For a second adviser, select Adviser, then click the button for 2nd adviser and add the first adviser’s registration number in the blue box. For an adult attending the entire conference, click Adult.

Click here to begin the online registration process.

Read all information on the main page carefully before beginning the registration process.

After choosing your registration type (Adviser, Adult, Student), follow the instructions below.


Registrant Information

1. Begin the registration process by registering the adviser (select the Adviser button).

2. Under Registrant Information, select the Adviser, Second Adviser, or Non-Attending Adviser button. Only for second adviser will you add the first adviser’s registration number. For Adviser and Non-Attending Adviser, do not put a number in the Adviser’s Registration # box. You will get this number at the end of the registration.

3. Continue with adding required information about the adviser.

Conference Registration

1. STAR Event Volunteer: If you chose a role working with STAR Events, use the pull-down menus to select your three event preferences.

Chapter Information

1. Complete the chapter information.

2. Enter the name and email address of your voting delegate(s).

3. Enter the name of your Chapter Member(s) of the Year.

4. If your chapter has completed a National Program this year, click the corresponding box under the appropriate category.

5. Click the Proceed to Step 2 button. If any fields are not properly completed, you will receive information on what needs completed before you will be able to proceed.


Confirm that all information, including spelling of names, is correct and click the Finalize button.
If any of the information is incorrect, click the Make Changes button, make your changes, and click the Proceed to Step 2  button. Continue this process until all information is correct.


1. When you finalize your registration, you will be given a Registration Number (located in the top portion of the grey box under the total registration fees).

2. Print the confirmation page so you will have the your Adviser's Registration Number when you are ready to register your members, second adviser, adults, or guests.

3. IMPORTANT FOR ADVISERS: You will use your “Adviser's Registration Number” for everyone associated with your chapter (other adults, students, and guests). When you begin subsequent registrations, the area where you will enter your registration number is referred to as "Adviser's Registration Number" and is indicated by the blue-green box on the main registration page. All names connected to your “Adviser's Registration Number” will show up on your cost summary / invoice.

Cost Summary / Invoice

You can check your cost summary / invoice anytime to make sure your registrants are connected to your chapter.

1. On the bottom of the first registration page, enter your adviser registration number in the blue-green box and click the Adviser Cost Summary. The cost summary instantly totals your fees.

2. When you have finished registering your group, double check the list of attendees, then finalize by clicking the “finalize” button at the bottom of the cost summary / invoice page. Once this process is completed, no changes can be made.

3. Print out this cost summary / invoice page and use it to request your chapter check for payment. Follow payment directions listed on the Adviser Checklist.

Registration Questions?

Contact Mrs. Nadine Standley
or Debbie Yablinsky.


For correspondence regarding the conference or this site please contact
   Mrs. Nadine Standley, FCCLA State Facilitator

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