Vocational Instructional I Certificate Coursework Requirements

This chart reflects the required coursework you will complete while holding a Vocational Instructional I certificate. These courses are in addition to the 18 credits earned while working on the intern certificate. The IUP Undergraduate Catalog provides details on individual courses. There are additional requirements related to teacher certification.

Vocational Instructional I Certificate - 42 credits
Course Number Course Name

     Vocational Professional Education

VOED 301 Integrating Math and Science in Career and Technical Education
VOED 302 Career Education in the Career and Technical Classroom
VOED 404 Research in Career and Technical Education
VOED 405 Professional Seminar in Career and Technical Education

     Professional Education

ACE 103 Digital Instructional Technology
EDEX 323 Instruction of English Language Learners with Special Needs
EDEX 458 Transition for Youth with Disabilities
EDSP 102 Educational Psychology
EDSP 477 Assessment of Student Learning
EDUC 442 School Law

     Liberal Studies

MATH 151 Elements of Mathematics I
PSYC 101 General Psychology
Humanities-Literature Elective
     Choose one from list in undergraduate catalog
Natural Science Elective
     Choose two from list in catalog, lab or non-lab
Liberal Studies Elective 
     Choose one from list in catalog
     No course with VOED prefix

     Free Electives (as advised)